Aug 15, 2023

When’s a Good Time to Think About Succession, Laurie Barkman on Building HVAC Science Podcast

This episode should be helpful to business owners. However, anyone working in a business should find it interesting to know more about one of the topics on the mind of many business owners: business succession planning.

After walking the walk of leading a $100M family-owned business through their transition, Laurie is now a guide to business owners providing a structured process to plan successful transitions of their companies.

Laurie’s journey and expertise serve as a beacon of guidance, illuminating a path towards effectively planning and executing seamless transitions in the dynamic realm of business.

Laurie hosts a podcast, Succession Stories, has written a book: The Business Transition Handbook and is an adjunct professor of Entrepreneurship at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University.

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The Business Transition Handbook

The Business Transition Handbook

Preparing owners to navigate the emotional and practical nature of the transition process so you can exit on your terms and avoid succession regrets.

“A game changer to help you win in your exit and in life.”


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