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    Maximizing Value: The Key to Your Best Business Exit
    As a business owner, you’re proud of the results you’ve achieved. When it comes to the value of your business, your future is critical. That’s why your growth potential is one of eight key factors that drive the value of your business. This webinar covers why driving growth and value enhanceme...
    SmallDotBig Integrates the Value Builder System

    SmallDotBig announced that it has integrated The Value Builder System into its strategic advisory services for small and midsize business owners and CEOs. Laurie Barkman, SmallDotBig Founder, strategy advisor, and succession expert, earned her designation as a Certified Value Builder™ to support...

    Laurie Barkman Approved as National Vistage Speaker for CEO Forums

    Vistage Worldwide New Speaker Announcement Laurie Barkman, value creation and succession expert has been accepted as a new Vistage Worldwide Speaker to speak at CEO Forums across the country. Vistage is the world's largest executive coaching organization for small and midsize businesses. For more...

    The origin story of SmallDotBig

    I'm the founder of a consulting firm called SmallDotBig. Some people have asked me where the name came from. So, here’s the backstory. If you play pool in the US, you’re used to solids and stripes. But if someone from Australia or New Zealand joins your game, they’ll probably suggest...