Oct 31, 2019

The origin story of SmallDotBig

I’m the founder of a consulting firm called SmallDotBig. Some people have asked me where the name came from. So, here’s the backstory.

If you play pool in the US, you’re used to solids and stripes. But if someone from Australia or New Zealand joins your game, they’ll probably suggest otherwise…small dots and big dots. That’s what happened to me. It took me a second, but I quickly realized how both ways made complete sense. It’s all in what you bring to the table (pun intended).

The name of my firm, SmallDotBig, alludes to the value that different perspectives can add to a business. Having teams with a diversity of thought is an imperative for leaders. The journey of taking a business to the next level – from small to big – is a marathon, not a sprint.

Our mission is to work with mid-size businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve their vision by providing growth consulting services to increase the pace of their success.

If you’re wondering about how to take your company to the next level and need help framing solutions, get in touch and let’s create a plan.

About Laurie Barkman:

Laurie is the founder and chief executive of SmallDotBig. With more than 20 years of experience as a CEO, CMO and senior marketing leader, she brings an entrepreneurial approach to companies dealing with change. She enjoys building high performing teams, scaling revenue, and improving operations to increase shareholder value. She can be reached at lbarkman@smalldotbig.com

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