Jun 12, 2023

Strategic Business Transition Planning, Rick Vanasse LinkedIn Live

Laurie Barkman, the business transition sherpa, talks with Rick Vanasse, advisory board chair with Vistage, about strategies for business owners to maximize the value of their company anticipating a future ownership transition.

Laurie Barkman is just one of the amazing advisors we bring in to speak with my #Vistage groups. Great sitting down with her to discuss transition planning and more,” Rick posted on LinkedIn.

What you’ll learn more about:

You have a strategic plan for running your business, but do you have one for exiting it?

100% of business owners will eventually exit their company at some point or another.

Who should own your business after you, and three potential buyer segments

Where is your business in its “life cycle”? Can it be in more than one stage at once?

Ok, you’ve assessed your business for readiness to transition – but what about you personally? What will you do after you transition out of your business?


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The Business Transition Handbook

The Business Transition Handbook

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