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114: Automate Processes to Create Value, Shanice Miller
Automation can free up hundreds of hours per individual employee every year. Better systems create operational efficiencies that make businesses more scalable. Shanice Miller is a business productivity consultant, specializing in project management, who helps clients ranging from small startups to m...
112: Challenges of Entrepreneuring Families, Tsitsi Mutendi
Succession Stories host Laurie Barkman talks with Tsitsi Mutendi about addressing the challenges of Entrepreneuring families. Two past generations of her family were entrepreneurs but faced various challenges. Tsitsi did not inherit financial wealth but did inherit the entrepreneurial spirit to buil...
101: Succession Stories Rewind, a Replay of Selected Guests
A rewind of the first 100 episodes of Succession Stories Podcast. Host Laurie Barkman shares favorite clips spotlighting key themes of the show: innovation, growth, and transition. Today's Rewind topics include next generation leadership, corporate innovation, enterprise value scorecards, and succe...
95: When Highest Bidder Is Not Best Fit, Gabriela Isturiz
Gabriela Isturiz joins Laurie Barkman to discuss how she bootstrapped two SaaS legal tech companies and successfully sold them to Fortune 500 strategic buyers. She shared the M&A bid process used to generate multiple offers, and why the highest bidder is not always the best buyer for your company. R...
94: Finding Purpose After Selling The Business – Sarah Dusek
Sarah Dusek shares her entrepreneurship journey as co-founder of Under Canvas to selling for over $100 million to a private equity firm. Sarah shares her experience how she grew the business through innovative marketing channels and differentiated experiences. Sarah also talks with Laurie Barkman ab...