Sep 18, 2023

How to Avoid Exits Regrets with Laurie Barkman, Stony Hill Advisors [Video]

Ever wondered why some business owners experience feelings of regret after selling their businesses? In this webinar titled “How to Avoid Exit Regrets,” we delve into this often-overlooked aspect of business ownership.

While our previous webinars have centered around Exit Value Planning, focusing on maximizing a business’s value before the sale, we believe it is equally crucial to address the personal side of the equation. For business owners, the process of preparing oneself for life after selling can significantly impact their overall satisfaction and contentment.

During this insightful 60-minute online session, we will explore the various factors that can lead to post-sale regrets and provide actionable strategies to circumvent such feelings. Understanding these potential challenges and learning how to mitigate them will empower business owners to make well-informed decisions and pave the way for a fulfilling post-sale journey.

Key Moments:

6:24 Regret 1: Loss of Identity
8:22 Regret 2: Wrong Timing
9:36 Regret 3: Forced Sale
11:18 Regret 4: Not Prepared for an Unsolicited Offer
12:47 Regret 5: Unhappy How Employees Were Treated


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