May 8, 2024

158: The Secrets of Successful Business Transactions with Reid Tileston

Unlock the story behind Reid Tileston’s remarkable entrepreneurial journey in this episode of Succession Stories. Join Laurie Barkman, The Business Transition Sherpa®, as she sits down with Reid, a driven acquisition entrepreneur, to dive into his inspiring path from a 23-year-old with $100k to a thriving Anytime Fitness franchisee.

Through candid conversation, Reid shares the highs and lows of his entrepreneurial journey. From navigating the challenges of owning an Anytime Fitness franchise during the rough Great Recession to achieving top-tier success across multiple units, Reid offers invaluable insights into the world of acquisition entrepreneurship.

Discover the pivotal lessons Reid has obtained from buying and selling four companies. Learn why he stresses the crucial role of assembling the right team and adopting the mindset of an “entrepreneurial business owner” who strategically works on the business rather than being consumed by day-to-day operations. Diving into the emotional dynamics of business sales, Reid draws from his doctoral research on seller satisfaction post-sale. He underscores the importance of intentionality, emphasizing the need for sellers to grasp their business’s true value and envision their role post-sale with clarity.

Get a sneak peek into Reid’s book, “Grit It Done,” which promises illuminating insights into the world of acquisition entrepreneurship. Don’t miss this episode filled with wisdom, inspiration, and the raw realities of entrepreneurial success.

Listen in to learn more about:

  • The journey from finance to fitness franchise mogul

  • Navigating the Great Recession and Beyond

  • The untold stories of selling businesses

  • Building teams and creating freedom

  • A sneak peek into the upcoming book, “Grit It Done”

Guest Bio

Reid Tileston, an esteemed Adjunct Professor at Case Western Reserve University, is a seasoned entrepreneur with a remarkable 16-year journey of acquiring, growing, and successfully selling four companies. As a pioneering co-creator of the Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition curriculum at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Reid is dedicated to shaping the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders. His expertise is sought after not only in academia but also in advisory roles, where he shares strategic insights obtained from his diverse experiences. With a track record of achieving extraordinary returns on investment and excelling as an Anytime Fitness franchisee, Reid’s impact resonates far and wide. Currently pursuing doctoral research at Case Western, he dives into the complexities of Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition, further solidifying his position as a thought leader in the field. Beyond his professional pursuits, Reid’s adventurous spirit as an Eagle Scout and Ironman triathlete underscores his passion for relentless exploration and innovation.

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