Aug 8, 2023

Avoiding Succession Pitfalls, Laurie Barkman on Exit Readiness Podcast

As with any strategic planning it’s as important to know what pitfalls to avoid as much as it is what actions to take or put in place.

And there are not a few pitfalls to avoid when planning your exit which is most often the most significant and impactful event and transaction of their life as a business owner.

Laurie Barkman, the business transition sherpa, talks with Exit Readiness show host Pat Ennis about the more common pitfalls to avoid.

Laurie is the former CEO of a $100 million revenue company that was sold to a Fortune 50. She is an mergers and acquisitions advisor, exit planner and author of “The Business Transition Handbook: How to Avoid Succession Pitfalls and Create Exit Options.”

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The Business Transition Handbook

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