Feb 13, 2024

Creating Life-Changing Succession Stories, Laurie Barkman on How’d It Happen Podcast

When the time comes to pass the torch of your business, the journey involves much more than a transaction—it’s a transformation. Laurie Barkman joins host, Mike Malatesta, to illuminate the often-overlooked facets of preparing for a business handover. This discussion spans the emotional landscape business owners traverse, blending wisdom from the late Charlie Munger with personal anecdotes and expert strategies to equip you for a seamless transition.

Ascending to a top executive role isn’t a mere step; it’s a leap enveloped in self-reflection and resilience. Laurie and Mike peel back the layers of what it takes to not only land that CEO chair but to also thrive within it. Hear from Laurie about the formidable hurdles of an executive search and the tenacity required to steer through them. This candid conversation offers a blueprint for transformational leadership—from squaring off against self-doubt to aligning your inner compass with the demands of the C-suite.

Laurie’s own metamorphosis from navigating corporate mergers to carving out a niche in entrepreneurship infuses this episode with real-life tales of growth and innovation. These experiences have sculpted both her podcast ‘Succession Stories’ and her book “The Business Transition Handbook,” serving as a conduit for knowledge and inspiration to our listeners. For those charting their course through the business world’s shifting tides, tune in to this episode for guidance.

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The Business Transition Handbook

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