Dec 30, 2022

Best Practices for Exit Planning and M&A strategies, Laurie Barkman on the Enterprising Families Podcast with Tsitsi Mutendi

Laurie Barkman joined Tsitsi Mutendi on the Enterprising Families Podcast. Listen in as Laurie shares on best practices for exit planning and M&A strategies as well as the emotional side of business transitions and letting go.

Laurie Barkman is a Business Transition and Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor, and calls herself The Business Transition Sherpa.

With her firm, SmallDotBig, she advises business owners on having more valuable, sellable businesses. And as a Partner with Stony Hill Advisors, a mergers and acquisitions firm, she guides them through the complex process of letting it go.

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The Enterprising Families Podcast takes an in-depth look at the everyday issues that affect Family Businesses and Family Enterprises. Focusing on the essential conversations like Family Governance and Succession Planning and the intricacies that affect transitioning between generations, having multigenerational families, and managing wealth and the impact of wealth. Guests from diverse backgrounds share their experiences. Hosted by Family Governance Expert and Nhaka Legacy Lead Consultant Tsitsi Mutendi.

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The Business Transition Handbook

The Business Transition Handbook

Preparing owners to navigate the emotional and practical nature of the transition process so you can exit on your terms and avoid succession regrets.

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