Mar 1, 2024

Mastering the Exit: Strategies for Success, Laurie Barkman on Financial Freedom Podcast

Laurie Barkman joins host, Dr. Christopher Loo, in an exclusive interview as they delve into the art and science of preparing your business for a successful exit. Laurie, a seasoned expert with a history of steering companies toward lucrative sales, brings her vast experience in business transition, M&A, and succession planning to our listeners.

In this episode, we will dissect the key elements that make a business attractive to buyers, drawing on Laurie’s rich background and her role in advising business owners on maximizing their company’s value. She’ll share insights from her book, “The Business Transition Handbook,” highlighting effective strategies to circumvent common succession pitfalls and develop robust exit options.

Dive into the conversation as we uncover the secrets behind successful exit strategies, learn from the themes echoed in Laurie’s award-winning podcast, Succession Stories, and get inspired by actionable advice for entrepreneurs aiming to build businesses with a thoughtful eye toward the future. Whether you’re contemplating a transition, in the midst of one, or just starting out with your enterprise, this episode promises to equip you with the knowledge and inspiration needed for a smooth and profitable journey.


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The Business Transition Handbook

The Business Transition Handbook

Preparing owners to navigate the emotional and practical nature of the transition process so you can exit on your terms and avoid succession regrets.

“A game changer to help you win in your exit and in life.”


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