Sep 29, 2023

The Business Transition Sherpa, Laurie Barkman on The Selling Show

In this episode, Laurie joins host, David Newman and talks about what to avoid when transitioning out of a business, detaching yourself in a healthy way, when to plan for an exit, and much more! She is on a mission to help business owners build generational wealth. Laurie advises owners on how to create more valuable businesses and find the right buyer when it’s time to let go.

Key takeaways:

  • Mistakes made in business transitions
  • Exit strategies
  • Mindset traps and resets
  • Train, delegate, build
  • When your business should be ready to be sold
  • Strategic, financial, and related buyers
  • Productizing a service

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The Business Transition Handbook

The Business Transition Handbook

Preparing owners to navigate the emotional and practical nature of the transition process so you can exit on your terms and avoid succession regrets.

“A game changer to help you win in your exit and in life.”


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