Mar 11, 2022

Transition Planning with Laurie Barkman, Profit with a Plan Podcast

EP145 Transition Planning – Laurie Barkman

Business transition sherpa & M&A advisor, Laurie Barkman talks with Marcia Riner about transition planning. There are many reasons to start planning as early as today. Laurie uses the Value Builder System to analyze gaps & improve the value of your company so that you can be better prepared for a transition as well as get the biggest price in return. Laurie has a lot of resources on her website: and is offering a complimentary assessment, register at

About Marcia Riner: She is a business growth strategist helping service-based professionals to strengthen their business so that it is worth selling someday. She works closely with her clients to turn their business into an attractive and profitable business asset they can enjoy until they decide it’s time to stop. She helps them get a return on their business investment. Marcia is the CEO of Trajectory Consulting & can be found at

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The Business Transition Handbook

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