The Business Transition Sherpa, Laurie Barkman

Company Trademark Policy

We have a registered trademark for The Business Transition Sherpa®, as one of the steps we have taken to protect our brand. We greatly appreciate your loyalty and partnership and invite you to join us in celebrating this achievement responsibly. When using our trademark, please remember to include the ® symbol to acknowledge its registered status and only to refer to our company, brand or services. We kindly request that you refrain from using our trademark in a manner that may cause confusion, dilute its distinctiveness, or infringe upon our rights, including by modifying, abbreviating, or in any other way changing the trademark. You may not copy, attempt to duplicate or imitate the mark for use in any way by your business, nor use the mark in any way that may be deceptive or claim affiliation with our company without prior written authorization. You may not use a mark, logo, slogan, or design that is in any way confusingly similar to our trademark or branding. Unauthorized use will be subject to legal action. Your cooperation is invaluable in safeguarding the integrity of our brand.